Welcome to America’s newest National Park: The Lewis And Clark National And State Historical Parks

This is a joint venture, in the process of creation, between the National Park Service and the States of Oregon and Washington.

“Great joy in camp we are in view of the Ocian, this great Pacific Ocian which we been so long anxious to See.” William Clark, November 1805

The Lewis and Clark Corps of Northwest Discovery’s expedition across western America helped to shape the nation that we are today. Here, at the Lewis and Clark National and State Historical Parks are preserved the sites that mark the success of key parts of their mission; successfully arriving at the Pacific, making ready for the return trip home, maintaining friendly relations with the homeland tribes and preparing maps and revising journals that would record their discoveries.

The sites preserved in these parks allow you to walk where Lewis and Clark and the rest of the Corps of Discovery walked. These sites embody the stories of hardship and danger, of surprising collaboration and adaptations, and of exploration and discovery.

These stories include:

Near disaster at Dismal Nitch
Joyful arrival and unusual leadership exhibited at Station Camp
The exploration of Cape Disappointment
Lewis and Clark Expedition and the Native Americans of the Lower Columbia River
Trading with Chinook Indians near present day Fort Columbia State Park
Preparing for the return home while in winter quarters at Fort Clatsop
Exploring the country by a direct route to the ocean
Resupply of a precious commodity at The Salt Works
Working with the Clatsop Indians who made their home at the mouth of the Columbia River in present day Fort Stevens State Park
The arduous hike over Tillamook Head now a part of Ecola State Park

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Form your own expedition and come and explore. The tracing of Lewis and Clark footsteps is only the beginning of finding them and your own adventures.

Join us for the nationally sanctioned Lewis and Clark Bicentennial commemoration Destination: The Pacific Nov 11 to 15, 2005 and other special bicentennial activities thorughout the winter of 2005-2006.

“…from this point I beheld the grandest and most pleasing prospects which my eyes ever surveyed, in frount a boundless Ocean…a most romantic appearance.” William Clark.


Lewis and Clark National Historical Parks
National Park Service

  • Fort Clatsop
  • Fort to Sea Trail
  • Clark’s Dismal Nitch
  • Station Camp
  • Salt Works
  • Netul Landing
  • Memorial to Thomas Jefferson

Lewis and Clark State Historical Parks
State of Washington

  • Cape Disappointment State Park
  • Fort Columbia State Park

Lewis and Clark State Historical Parks
State of Oregon

  • Fort Stevens State Park
  • Sunset Beach State Recreation Area
  • Ecola State Park